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Our comfortable and affordable self-contained chalets are available at the resort for Holiday Rentals or Shareholding all year round. Accommodation in this forest type setting is truly regenerating for mind, body and soul. There are private, fully equipped and furnished units, with linen, cutlery and crockery for six guests. Each A-frame chalet is built for comfort with two bedrooms upstairs and a downstairs bedroom with one bathroom.

Our new chalets consist of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen and dining area that enables guests to cater for themselves. The units all feature an outdoor garden patio with its own braai facilities and single carport.

All chalets are serviced to add a little more luxury to your stay

Our Facilities

Time to take it easy.


Enjoy some excellent cuisine at our Restaurant, go for a drink at our Bar, or go and hit a bar at our gym facilities. Our facilities, being set in the unique surroundings, offers relaxation, exploration and a stress-free lifestyle. This all attributes to making some amazing and memorable Umzumbe Experiences.

Our Enviroment




Tragelaphus Scriptus Zulu word – Nkonka

The common large antelope is the secretive bushbuck. The male is chocolate brown in colour with a few white spots and stands about 80 cm at the shoulder. Bushbucks usually occur singularly or in pairs and females have territories which they defend against other intruding males. Female bushbuck is slightly smaller and although they have similar white markings they are light fawn in colour and do not have horns.


Blue Duiker

Philantomba monticola

(Protected game listed as “Rare”) Females are generally larger than males. The colour of the coat varies with the region from slate grey to grey-brown, with a bluish sheen on the back. The under parts, inner legs, rump, and underside of the tail are whitish. There is a light eye-brow ridge which curves up to the horns, as well as a glandular slit underneath the eye. The horns are strongly ridge and short, growing 2-10 cm long. The horns are sometimes absent in females, or hidden by the short head crest.


Red Duiker

Cephalophus Natalensis

(Protected game listed as “Rare”) Small duiker with a rather rounded back and short backwardly directed horns in line with the face present in both sexes. Overall a deep chestnut colour, tending to be lighter on their lower parts. Shoulder height about 50 cm. Breeding may occur throughout the year (mostly spring and summer). It is both a forager (eating freshly fallen leaves) and a browser, independent of free water. Not territorial. Life spans 8 or 9 years. Total number estimate more than 2000 but less than 3000.


Vervet Monkey

Cercopithecus Aethiops

Vervets vary in colour, but generally, the body is a greenish olive or silvery grey. The face, ears, hands, feet and tip of the tail are black, but an obvious white band on the forehead blends in with the short whiskers. Males are slightly larger than females and are easily recognized by their turquoise blue scrota. The Vervet is classified as a medium to large monkey. 18 to 26 inches; weight: Between 6 and 17 pounds. Their preferred habitat is acacia woodland along streams, rivers and lakes. They are diurnal, sleeping and eating in trees from which they seldom venture. ; Leaves and young shoots are most important, but bark, flowers, fruit, bulbs, roots and grass seeds are also eaten. The mainly vegetarian diet is supplemented with insects, eggs, baby birds and sometimes rodents and hares. They seldom drink water. Complex social groups of 10 to 50 monkeys consist of adult females and their offspring, the male Vervet roams freely in and out of these groups. Vervets spend hours a day removing parasites and other materials from one another’s fur. In their hierarchy, dominants get the most grooming The average life span or a Vervet monkey is about 22 years and the gestation period is 5½ months.

Beecroft'sTreeHyrax (1)

Tree Hyrax

Dendrohyrax dorsalis

The tree hyrax or tree dassie is a small nocturnal mammal native to Africa. Distantly related to elephants and sea cows, it comprises the four species in the genus Dendrohyrax, one of only three genera in the family Procaviidae, which is the only living family within the order Hyracoidea. Analysis of calls found that they could be divided into ‘shrieking’ hyraxes and ‘barking’ hyraxes, with the barkers being a genetically distinct fourth species. The tree hyrax has four-toed front feet and three-toed back feet with rounded nails, and rubbery soles that help it climb. Dependent on geographical location, their soft dense coats can range from a pale gray to light or dark brown. The variation is consistent with evolutionary development to aid with camouflage, so that in wetter regions with more verdant and abundant vegetation, they are darker, and in more arid areas, their colouring is lighter. The habitat of the tree hyrax is mostly in forested places with a mix of older and younger trees. It can be found in elevations up to 4500 m above sea level. Despite being more common than the rock hyrax, the tree hyrax is much more difficult to spot, as it is both nocturnal and extremely shy.

Spotted_eagle_owl_bubo_africanus (1)

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Bubo africanus

The spotted eagle-owl (Bubo africanus) also known as the African spotted eagle-owl and the African eagle-owl, is a medium-sized species of owl, one of the smallest of the eagle owls. Its length is 45 cm (18 in) and its weight is from 454 to 907 grams (1.0 to 2.0 lb). It has a 100 to 140 cm (39 to 55 in) wingspan. The facial disk is off-white to pale ochre and the eyes are yellow. It has prominent ear-tufts, and the upper body is dusky brown, the lower parts off-white with brown bars. Prior to 1999 the spotted eagle-owl was considered conspecific with the greyish eagle-owl, but now it is classed as a separate species. Its prey mainly consists of rodents, small mammals, birds, insects and reptiles, although it has a dietary preference for small mammals such as rodents and shrews. It often swallows its prey whole, with much head-jerking, pausing and resting in between, while a portion of the prey remains inside the mouth, until the prey can finally be swallowed down completely.


Welcome to our beautiful resort, we hope your stay will be pleasant, to ensure a pleasant stay we ask that you read the
rules and we believe that you will adhere to the rules
The following rules apply to Shareholders/tenants/family/friends/visitor. The Resort Manager shall have the right to request that any guilty party pay for damages and/or immediately evacuate the Resort should any of the rules be transgressed or not adhered to.
Umzumbe has the right to search your vehicle.


  • The resort must be informed at least 7 days prior to your arrival by phone/fax/e-mail, a reservation number will only be issued if all outstanding is paid in full (electricity, deposits, and levies)
  • Arriving without a booking and last- minute bookings– (R1000.00)
  • Tenants must pay a breakage deposit of R 1000.00-before arrival (refundable)
  • Electricity levy (R 30.00 p/night) is payable before arrival. (Not refundable)
  • You need to bring your own towels, toilet paper and cleaning materials.

If you did not make a reservation, you will face the following:

a) You will not be admitted to the Resort (security reasons)
b) Your key will not be available at the security gate upon your arrival after hours.
c) Your chalet will not be ready, take note there will be no cleaning services available after 16h00.

TIME OF ARRIVAL: STRICTLY 14H00                              

1. Only SIX PERSONS (children included) may be occupying the Chalet.
2. Strictly no pets allowed. You will be turned away at the gate if you bring pets along.
3. Cutlery/crockery may not be removed from the Chalet. No cutlery is to be left at other Chalets; you are responsible for the inventory of the chalet.
4. Furniture/equipment/TV may not be moved from one room to another. For DSTV phone 073 746 3641
5. The inventory must be checked upon arrival. Missing items must be reported to reception as soon as possible. (Within 24 hours) You will be held responsible to compensate the Resort for any missing or / broken items on departure. (DO NOT REPLACE YOURSELF)
6. All roads are one-way (pay attention to road signs).
7. The speed restriction is 15km/h.
8. Cleaning services are provided from 8:30 Mondays – Saturdays. You will forfeit the service for the day should the housekeeper not be admitted upon arrival. Kindly notify the office should you not require service.
10.Please switch off the lights and fans and lock the doors when leaving the chalet.
12. Facilities are used at own risk- Umzumbe is not responsible for any injury/loss of property.
13. Any damages/vandalism to any structure/equipment/trees/plants and/or disturbance of birds or animals is forbidden. “BB” GUNS ARE PROHIBITED.
14. The feeding of the cats and monkeys is strictly prohibited. They are wild and dangerous.
15. DAY VISITORS: – The office must be informed a day in advance. If six people are occupying the chalet and should the unit receive daily visitors a R50 p/p will be payable at the gate upon arrival. Departure Time 18h00
16. Silence must be kept from 22:00.
17. Smoking is prohibited in chalets- YOU WILL BE PENALIZED (R500) Repetitive ignoring of the rule (R1500.00)

a) Please treat our chalet as if it were yours and leave it in the same way you found it. Remember all breakages and loss will be deducted from your deposit. All cutlery/crockery/ equipment and chalet should be left clean and ready for inspection.
b) We do not take any responsibility for items left behind check before leaving.
c) THE CHALET MUST BE EVACUATED BY 10:00, or an additional days’ fee will be accounted. – We do not take any responsibility for any of your belongings left behind- check before leaving.
d) Report urgent after hour emergencies at the gate


GPS: S 30° 37’ 2.64” E 30° 32’ 26.88”

We are one of the registered members of the South Coast Tourism Association. Please Contact us to obtain more information on becoming a shareholder and we promise to make your next holiday on the Hibiscus Coast, a hassle free, pleasurable, and memorable one.

Pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi available now!

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